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Warranties: We are authorised by the FSA to offer warranty cover via our partners at All our cars are covered by Motorcare warranties ltd. feel free to ask to see a booklet that relates directly with the car you have chosen.

Our core aim is to supply vehicles that are reliable, well serviced and of excellent value for money.

You the customer are important to us now and for all your motoring needs in the future. However like most things cars do break down and give problems from time to time, So a warranty and a good working relationship with LEA Autos we think is important

All cars retailed by LEA Autos carry a 6  month warranty that is appropriate for that car, this warranty can be extended at the customers discretion for up to  3 years from the date of purchase. Many different warranty options are available including Lifetime cover. sales staff at LEA autos will be happy to advise customers on any extra warranty requirements that they might have. 

Please remember: Servicing your car at the correct time is important and can save you money.



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